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The addition of White Dog Press as a secondary imprint under the Chickasaw Press, allows Chickasaw Press to build upon its vision of “preserving, perpetuating and providing an awareness of Chickasaw history and culture” by embracing popular genres and creative projects that do not fit under the umbrella of research and scholarship – the primary focus of projects currently published under the Chickasaw Press label.

White Dog Press affords us the opportunity to further share the history, culture, and experiences of the Chickasaw people, as well as other Native American communities, through literary categories such as historical fiction, children’s books, young-adult literature, how-to books, travel writing, creative or narrative non-fiction, poetry, and memoirs.

Just as the white dog in the Chickasaw migration story served as a guide for our Chickasaw ancestors as they made their way to a new homeland, White Dog Press is committed to blazing a trail in the publishing industry as we work to support and promote authors in generating quality publications that capture the experiences, culture, and history of the Chickasaw.

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