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A Concise Chickasaw Dictionary

A Concise Chickasaw Dictionary


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A Concise Chickasaw Dictionary presents the orthography used by Jesse and Vinnie May (James) Humes in A Chickasaw Dictionary and the orthography provided by Pamela Munro and Catherine Willmond in Chickasaw: An Analytical Dictionary side-by-side for the first time in a simple English-to-Chickasaw reference book. Based on the original entries from A Chickasaw Dictionary, this newest tribal language dictionary also incorporates edited entries and new entries taken from audio files recorded by Mrs. Humes in the 1970s, after the first publication of A Chickasaw Dictionary.


  1. Introduction, by George W. Bourland…page vii
  2. Preface…ix
  3. About Pronunciation…xiii
  4. A Chickasaw Dictionary…3
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