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A Nation in Transition: Douglas Henry Johnston and the Chickasaws, 1898-1939


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Michael W. Lovegrove chronicles how Douglas Johnston led his people through the devastating dissolution of tribal lands at the beginning of the twentieth century, and through the contentious struggles that followed.


  1. List of Photographs
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. Chapter 1: From Skullyville to the Dawes Commission
  5. Chapter 2: Educator Turned Politician
  6. Chapter 3: The "Court Citizens" and a Divided Nation
  7. Chapter 4: The Supplementary Agreement of 1902
  8. Chapter 5: 1903
  9. Chapter 6: Dissolution of the Government
  10. Chapter 7: Proving Ourselves Worthy of the Esteem and Respect
  11. Chapter 8: The Tumultuous Twenties
  12. Chapter 9: The 1930's and the End of an Era
  13. Appendix 1: The Coal and Asphalt Lands
  14. Appendix 2: Maps
  15. Bibliography
  16. End Notes
  17. Index


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  • Independent Publishers Awards | Silver
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