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C is for Chickasaw

C is for Chickasaw

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C is for Chickasaw walks children through the letters of the alphabet, sharing elements of Chickasaw history, language, and culture along the way.

Writing with multiple age groups in mind, Wiley Barnes has skillfully crafted rhyming verse that will capture and engage a younger child’s imagination, while also including in-depth explanations of each object or concept that will resonate with older children.

The colorful illustrations by Aaron Long reflect elements of Southeastern Native American art and serve to familiarize children with aspects of this distinctive artistic style. A supplementary section with questions and activities provides a springboard for further discussion and learning.

About the App

C is for Chickasaw is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices and on The app takes a fun, interactive approach to learning the letters of the alphabet and introducing elements of Chickasaw history, language, and culture with highlighted read-to-me narration, animated illustrations, sound effects, activities, games, and puzzles.
App Features:
Expanded version of C is for Chickasaw children’s book
ABC learning activities
Chickasaw language-learning activities
Coloring sheets 
Stickball game
Jigsaw puzzles
Chickasaw language matching
Memory game
Discussion questions and hands-on activities 
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