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Chickasaw Lives Volume Two: Profiles and Oral Histories


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Volume Two features profiles of thirty-six tribal members, including an Olympic gold medalist, a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, a Chickasaw Nation attorney general who rode with notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, and three Chickasaw governors who played crucial roles in the twentieth-century revitalization of the tribe.


  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction
  3. The Ballad for Fred Tecumseh Waite
  4. Mike Larsen: the Phoenix- Original Style Materializes from Fire
  5. The Spirit World of Amos Hays
  6. LaDonna Brown/Donna Rausch: Chickasaw Women Study Tribal Past on Location
  7. Dan Collins Remembers the Father He Never Knew
  8. Carlin Thompson:The Culture Bearer
  9. Kennedy Brown: Stories of Stickball, Freedom, and Tragedy
  10. In Remembrance of Helen "Te Ata" Cole
  11. Gene Moore: A Murder in Stringtown
  12. Tribal History as Works of Art: Tom Phillips Circles Back Home
  13. Raymond Harvey: Chickasaw Takes Out Four Machine Gun Nests, Receives Congressional Medal Of Honor
  14. The First Community Health Representatives: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives
  15. Wenonah Wolf Toregas: Great-Granddaughter of Winchester Colbert Stars at Waldorf Astoria
  16. The Unfulfilled Potential of Floyd Maytubby
  17. E.B. "Hugh" Maytubby: Political Expediency and the Winds of Change
  18. Overton James: A Political Life in Three Scenes
  19. Abe Ned: Taking Life in Stride
  20. Oscar White: Memories of Tishomingo and the Last Tribal Legislature
  21. Juanita Holden Byars: A Study of Resilience and Determination
  22. Jess "Cab" Renick: The Peacemaker
  23. Jeannie Barbour: True Talent, True Grit
  24. Eric Henson: A CHickasaw Harvard Man Working in Indian Country
  25. The Way to the Red Path: A Profile of Claud Johnson
  26. Vinnie May Humes: Buttermilk School and the Chickasaw Dictionary
  27. Darrel Walker: Lessons from the Chickasaw Village of Kullihoma
  28. Yvonne Alberson: Growing Up Chickasaw in a Time of Change
  29. Bob Kinnebrew: The Adventures of a Nighttime Fighter Jock
  30. Te Ata and Ataloa: Manhattan Floor Culture
  31. The Odyssey of the Chickasaw Rancher and the Ordeal of Neil Kingsley
  32. Euel "Monk" Moore: the Magor Leaguer
  33. Glenda Galvan: Lessons in Life from the Fox Clan
  34. Haskell Alexander: Boiling Springs Stories
  35. Index
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