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Chickasaw Removal


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Chickasaw Removal examines the governmental pressures, difficult decisions, devious politics, and hardships endured by the Chickasaw people during the Removal era. Amanda L. Paige, Fuller L. Bumpers, and Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. highlight the character of the Chickasaw people, investigate the frauds that plundered their wealth at the time, and offer a uniquely detailed account of one Native American tribe’s journey through Indian Removal.


  1. Acknowledgments
  2. List of Illustrations
  3. Chapter 1. Introduction
  4. Chapter 2. The Chickasaw Nation, 1820-1830
  5. Chapter 3. Negotiating Removal
  6. Chapter 4. Prelude to Chickasaw Removal
  7. Chapter 5. Removal from Sealy's District
  8. Chapter 6. Removal of a Nation
  9. Chapter 7. Continued Removals
  10. Chapter 8. Privation, Fraud, and Attrition of the Chickasaw Fund
  11. Chapter 9. Investigations of Fraud
  12. Chapter 10. Attrition of the Incompetent and Orphan Funds
  13. Chapter 11. Reclaiming the Chickasaw Nation
  14. Chapter 12. Conclusion
  15. Bibliography
  16. Index


  • Independent Publishers Awards | Silver
  • Chickasaw Press Holisso Award
  • Oklahoma Book Award  | Finalist
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