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Chickasaw Unconquered & Unconquerable


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Holding the distinction of the first book ever published by Chickasaw Press, Chickasaw Unconquered and Unconquerable traces Chickasaw history from our ancient homelands in the Southeast to the thriving nation we are today, exemplifying why the Chickasaw people have proven we are one of the most resilient cultures in American history. Vivid images by award-winning photographer David Fitzgerald and insightful essays by Chickasaw writers Jeannie Barbour, Amanda Cobb-Greetham and Linda Hogan highlight this incredible story.


  1. Timeline
  2. The Homelands
  3. Rebuilding a Nation
  4. Our Fire
  5. The Chickasaw Nation Today
  6. Chickasaw Portraits
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Further Reading
  9. Index


  • Independent Publishers Awards | Gold
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