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Chickasaw Women Artisans


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In this collection of profiles, Alison Fields explores the artistry, inspiration, and individual journeys of twenty female Chickasaw artists. The women featured represent an eclectic mix of artistic genres, age groups, personal geography, educational experiences, and family backgrounds – yet all are connected to their art, and to each other, through their Chickasaw heritage.


1.  Introduction
2.  Jeannie Barbour
3.  Mary Ruth Barnes
4.  Lorie Carmichael
5.  Tracie Tuck Davis
6.  Kristen Dorsey
7.  Ellen Etzler
8.  Sue Fish
9.  Norma Howard
10.  Brenda Kingery
11.  Kelley Lunsford
12.  Nancy McDoniel
13.  Sherry Nail
14.  Courtney Parchcorn
15.  Drue Ridley
16.  Tyra Shackleford
17.  Erin Shaw
18.  Maya Stewart
19.  Joanna Underwood
20.  Ashley Wallace
21.  Margaret Roach Wheeler


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