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Chikasha Stories Volume Three: Shared Wisdom

Chikasha Stories Volume Three: Shared Wisdom


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The final volume in this series, Chikasha Stories Volume Three: Shared Wisdom, features stories that show the admiration ancient Chickasaw people had for animals and their wisdom. It explores ancient Chickasaw culture, and for the first time in the Chikasha Stories series humans speak, sharing their beliefs about Aba’ Binni’li, the creator of all things.


  1. Introduction and Acknowledgements
  2. Crow and Hawk
  3. Fala' Micha Akankabi'
  4. Sparks of Life
  5. Okcha`a Shokmalalli'
  6. How Turkey Got Human Hair
  7. Chaloklowaat Hattak Ipashi'i`shttook
  8. How Trouble Came to the Chickasaw
  9. Kaniht Ataklama'at Chikashsha Imalattook
  10. Aba'Bi`nni'li'
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