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Chikashshanompaat Holisso Toba'chi, Chickasaw: An Analytical Dictionary


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Published in 1994 by the University of Oklahoma Press, Chickasaw: An Analytical Dictionary was the first collaboration between linguist Pamela Munro and Chickasaw speaker Catherine Willmond. The preface of the book contains a useful guide to the dictionary, as well as a section that explains the basic structure of Chickasaw words. With more than five hundred pages of Chickasaw-to-English and English-to-Chickasaw translations, this dictionary is an essential tool for any student of the Chickasaw language.


  1. Preface
  2. A Guide to the Dictionary
  3. The Structure of Chickasaw Words
  4. Bibliography
  5. Abbreviations
  6. Symbols Used in the Dictionary
  7. The Chickasaw Alphabet
  8. Chickasaw-English Dictionary
  9. English-Chickasaw Dictionary
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