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Dynamic Chickasaw Women


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Researched and written by Phillip Carroll Morgan, with an introduction by Judy Goforth Parker, Dynamic Chickasaw Women presents the lives of women who had an impact on Chickasaw history during the periods of removal from the homelands, difficulties in Indian Territory, and the tumult of Oklahoma’s early statehood days. Some of the women are widely known and celebrated among members of the Chickasaw Nation today, while the stories of some provide surprising revelations.


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Chapter One: The Genesis of Women's Property Rights in the United States: Betsy Love's Defense
  4. Chapter Two: The Hamilton Sisters and the OPC Cardinals
  5. Chapter Three: "Sadie"
  6. Chapter Four: Lushanya, Songbird of the Chickasaw
  7. Chapter Five: Ataloa, Philosopher, Educator, Humanitarian
  8. Works Cited
  9. Endnotes


  • Independent Publishers Awards | Gold
  • Oklahoma Book Award | Finalist
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