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Footprints Still Whispering In The Wind


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This collection of poems by Chickasaw elder, Margie Testerman, honors her heritage and the natural world that influenced every aspect of her ancestor’s lives. Testerman gives her unique perspective that is intended to be interesting, educational, and, at times, whimsical. These poems where penned with her grandchildren in mind and capture the sweet spirit and tenderness we all love about our grandmothers. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by a Chickasaw child; giving us a glimpse into their world of imagination and wonder.


  1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About Margie testermen
  4. I. Opening: Footprints Still Whispering in the Wind
  5. II. Poems of Nature and Beauty
  6. III. Poems of Song and Dance
  7. IV. Poems of Peace and Comfort
  8. V. Closing: My Song My Story
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