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Let's Speak Chickasaw: Chikashshanompa' Kilanompoli'


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Designed for beginning or intermediate language students, Let’s Speak Chickasaw, Chikashshanompa’ Kilanompoli’ is the first complete grammar study and textbook of the Chickasaw language. Consisting of twenty units that cover pronunciation, word building, sentence structure, and usage, its text is written in conversational style, helping students to master grammatical concepts. An accompanying CD provides examples of spoken Chickasaw that convey the finer points of pronunciation.


  1. List of Illustrations
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Unit 1. The Sounds of Chickasaw
  4. Unit 2. Simple Sentences
  5. Unit 3. Stative and Active Verbs
  6. Unit 3. Rhythmic Patterns in Chickasaw words
  7. Unit 5. Objects
  8. Unit 6. More About Verb Structure
  9. Unit 7. Possession
  10. Unit 8. New types of Verbs
  11. Unit 9. New Sentence Patterns
  12. Unit 10. Adding more Nouns to Sentences
  13. Unit 11. Irregular Verbs
  14. Unit 12. "Have"
  15. Unit 13. Building Longer Sentences
  16. Unit 14. New Types of Sentences
  17. Unit 15. Hortatives and "More"
  18. Unit 16. "But…" and More about Verbs
  19. Unit 17. Questions and Question Words
  20. Unit 18. New Types of Nouns and Verbs
  21. Unit 19. "And" More about Plurals
  22. Unit 20. Saying a lot
  23. Appendix A. Rhythmic Lengthening in Chickasaw
  24. Appendix B. Stories of Old Times: Original Versions of Readings in Units 5-10
  25. Appendix C. Translations of Readings in Units 11-20
  26. Appendix D. Chickasaw Verb and Noun Markers for "I", "me", "my", "you", "your", "we", "us", and "our"
  27. List of Prefixes and Endings
  28. Glossary of Grammatical Terms
  29. Chickasaw-English Vocabulary
  30. English-Chickasaw Vocabulary
  31. Bibliography
  32. Index
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