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Never Give Up! The Life of Pearl Carter Scott


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Paul F. Lambert recounts the remarkable life of Pearl Carter Scott, child aviator, devoted mother, and revered Chickasaw elder. At twelve, she met Wiley Post, who was just beginning his historic aviation career, and who would inspire hers. She became a pilot at thirteen and retired from aviation at eighteen. As an adult, Scott devoted herself to serving the Chickasaw people, and became a revered tribal elder, and an inductee into the Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame and the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame.


  1. Preface and Acknowledgments
  2. George and Lucy
  3. Daddy's Girl
  4. Riches to Rags
  5. Life on the Farm
  6. The Horrors of War
  7. Empty Nest and Divorce
  8. For the People
  9. Continued Service
  10. Temporary Retirement
  11. One More Term
  12. An Honored Elder
  13. More Honors and Activities
  14. Winding Down
  15. Endnotes
  16. Index
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