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Proud to Be Chickasaw


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Chickasaw artist Mike Larsen and his wife, Martha Larsen, again team up to offer perspectives on the varied lives of twenty-three tribal elders whose lives encompass a broad sweep of experience. Proud to Be Chickasaw presents Mike Larsen’s expressive paintings, each accompanied by a biographical piece written by author and artist Jeannie Barbour, which together capture the spirit of the elders, the most revered members of Chickasaw and American Indian society.


  1. Foreword By Governor Bill Anoatubby
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Daisy Blackbird- Our Oldest Citizen
  5. Bea Barrick- The Milkyway Girl
  6. Beaulah Shavney- She Served Her Country
  7. Thelma Lucile "Chincie" Ross- Code Talkers
  8. Colbert Hackler- The Fiddle Player
  9. Eugene "Gene" Thompson- I'm So Proud To Be Chickasaw
  10. Glenda Galvan- Patron Saint of Children
  11. Irene Digby- Cherished One
  12. John Atkins- Infant Boy Atkins
  13. Juanita J. Keel Tate- She Knew My Father
  14. Katherine McGuire- Memories of Her Dad
  15. Kennedy Brown- Indispensable
  16. Lenora Hobbs- Elegant
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