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Te Ata: Chickasaw Storyteller, American Treasure

Te Ata: Chickasaw Storyteller, American Treasure


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In 1987, Te Ata (1895-1995) became the first person officially declared an “Oklahoma Treasure.” Her performances of American Indian folklore enchanted European royalty, Americans of all ages, and Native populations from Canada to Peru. Richard Green’s biography is based on extensive research of the artist’s personal papers, memorabilia, and letters and photographs exchanged between Te Ata and her husband, Clyde Fisher.


  1. List of Illustrations
  2. Introduction
  3. Prologue
  4. Chapter 1. Listening to the Corn Grow
  5. Chapter 2. Oklahoma College for Women
  6. Chapter 3. Chautauqua Experiences
  7. Chapter 4. In Transition: Carnegie Tech and the Great White Way
  8. Chapter 5. Command Performance in England
  9. Chapter 6. Clyde Fisher
  10. Chapter 7. From Lake Te Ata to the White House
  11. Chapter 8. Coast-to-Coast Honeymoon
  12. Chapter 9. Talking Leaves and Repertoire Building
  13. Chapter 10. Sailing Big Waters
  14. Chapter 11. Peruvian Expedition
  15. Chapter 12. Hyde Park and the Mississippi Homeland
  16. Chapter 13.Heart Loaded Down and Heavy
  17. Chapter 14. Loon Island
  18. Chapter 15. Final Journeys
  19. Chapter 16: Sun Dance of the Bloods
  20. Chapter 17. Alone
  21. Epilogue
  22. Afterword by Rayne Green and John Troutman
  23. Notes
  24. Bibliography
  25. Sources and Acknowledgments
  26. Index


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