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ilimpa'chi' We're Gonna Eat!


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Recipes, reminiscences and lessons in Chickasaw life are the main ingredients for ilimpa’chi’ (We’re Gonna Eat!): A Chickasaw Cookbook, the first cookbook produced by the Chickasaw Press. Chickasaw cooks JoAnn Ellis and Vicki Penner selected recipes and illuminated them with glimpses and scenes from growing up around kitchens and outdoor cooking fires. ilimpa’chi’ also features a glossary of Chickasaw terms and phrases taken from traditions of food and family.


  1. An Opening Prayer by JoAnn Ellis
  2. Introduction
  3. 1: Nanna Holokcho' Ani'- Wild Vegetables and Fruits
  4. 2: Osaaposhi' - Garden
  5. "Sweet Early Days," a Poem by Rebecca Hatcher Travis
  6. 3: Nannimilhlha' Nipi'- Wild Game
  7. 4: Nipi' Micha Nani' - Meat and Fish
  8. 5: Paska- Bread
  9. 6: Nanchampoli'- Sweets
  10. A note on Chickasaw Language
  11. Glossary
  12. Recipe Index
  13. Acknowledgments


  • Oklahoma Book Award
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