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About Mike and Martha Larsen

A student of history, Chickasaw artist and sculptor Mike Larsen researches the past events of the subjects he paints and sculpts. He studied traditional art disciplines at Amarillo Junior College, the University of Houston, and later, at the prestigious Art Students League of New York in New York City. 
In 2000, he was inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame, followed by induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2015, and the Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame, in 2016.
Larsen is especially known for his paintings and sculptures of dancing figures. He was commissioned by the State of Oklahoma to paint a 26-foot-long mural in the Capitol rotunda of five internationally prominent ballet dancers, all born in Oklahoma and all First American.
In addition to his very large paintings and sculptures, Larsen is also known for one very tiny one: the US postage stamp commemorating the Oklahoma Centennial in 2007.
Martha Larsen attended Oklahoma State University.  She had an eye for good design, which led her to establish a small picture framing business. 
Now responsible for the business side of Larsen Studio & Gallery, Martha assists Mike in many studio undertakings including photography of various subjects. During research for the Chickasaw Living Elders Project, she has photographed all of the elders during their interviews.
Martha finds time for different kinds of artistic endeavors including gardening, quilting, and overseeing the building of the Larsen’s home and Mike’s studio.

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