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  • Oklahoma Book Awards Finalist
  • Gold medal for Independent Publisher Award

About Phillip Carroll Morgan

Phillip Carroll Morgan (Choctaw/Chickasaw) is an award-winning author of three Chickasaw Press titles: Chickasaw Renaissance and Riding Out the Storm: 19th Century Chickasaw Governors and Their Intellectual Legacy, and co-author of Dynamic Chickasaw Women. Anompolichi: The Wordmaster is Morgan’s first novel for White Dog Press. Dynamic Chickasaw Women won the Independent Publishers Book Awards’ Gold Medal for Mid-West Regional non-fiction in 2012, and Riding Out the Storm won the Gold Medal in that category in 2014. Poetry by Morgan appears in The Fork-in-the-Road Indian Poetry Store, which won the Native Writers Circle of the Americas First Book Award for Poetry in 2002. He also co-authored Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective, a conversation between leading experts in Native American literature. He holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in Native American literature from the University of Oklahoma.

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